Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is Preparing to Open Restaurants, Cafes and Bars Next Week

Photo credit: Kfir Sivan, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality continues to help businesses in the city in the wake of the coronavirus crisis and is preparing to open restaurants, bars and cafes next week. In recent weeks, the municipality has approached the city’s business owners and offered to expand their usage of public space in order to be able to comply with the social distancing rules, at no additional charge.

So far, the expansion has been approved to 115 bars, restaurants and cafes, including six businesses that will be allowed to place tables and chairs instead of street parking spots that will be clearly marked with purple paint and fencing. The extension will only be implemented after the Israeli Ministry of Health has confirmed that the restaurants, bars and cafes can be opened.

Tel Aviv- Yafo Mayor, Ron Huldai: “We will continue to fight for the 70,000 workers from the restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs sector in Tel Aviv. These businesses are the beating heart of the urban economy and I have instructed the municipal executives to turn every stone to find ways to put them again on their feet.”

Aid to restaurants, bars and cafes has been the focus of municipal efforts in recent weeks. Two weeks ago, the municipality submitted an outline for the immediate opening of restaurants, bars and cafes, to the government, following the Ministry of Health’s guidelines. The Municipality also granted exemptions from fees for chairs, tables, night permits and signs; placed 1,000 chairs and umbrellas in central plazas to encourage takeaways; and announced the conversion of 11 sections of the city into pedestrian streets, which will be closed to vehicle traffic in order to encourage trade and economic activity.

Additional businesses owners who are interested in expanding their business’ chairs and tables' areas are welcome to contact the municipality and request a permit to increase their space.

This is being done in conjunction with other actions and easements initiated by the municipality in recent weeks to assist businesses in the city:

  • The municipality has been among the initiators of the three-month exemption from municipal taxes and has implemented this tax exemption at a cost of tens of millions of shekels.

  • The municipality decided to grant the exemption from property tax immediately and has decided not to spread it over an entire year, understanding the plight of the business owners.

  • As soon as the crisis broke out, the municipality initiated a two-month postponement of the property tax for businesses.

  • The municipality has paid suppliers in advance, amounting to a sum of over half a billion NIS in total.

  • The municipality has set up an easy and simple online system to obtain the “purple badge”.

  • The municipality maintains regular contact with the heads of organizations and groups representing economic activity and trade in the city.

  • The municipality allowed barbershops and hair salons to place chairs out into the public space in front of the businesses.

  • The municipality promoted and marketed trades and merchants- such as Hatikva Market merchants, Carmel Market merchants and Flea Market stores.


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