The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality reopened the Carmel Market and HaTikva Market today, Thursday, May 7

The markets will be open on weekdays from 7 am – 6 pm and on Friday from 7 am – 5 pm 

The Tel Aviv- Yafo municipality is reopening its urban markets- Carmel Market and Hatikva Market- today, Thursday, 7.5.20, after being closed due to the Corona epidemic. The markets will function according to the government’s regulations and following a set of restriction that have been made in cooperation with the merchants in the markets that include:

  • The public’s entry into the markets will be regulated and restricted with the aim of keeping the guidelines for social distancing and crowd prevention. The public is asked to be patient when entering the markets and obey the instructions of the inspectors and regulators.

  • Entry to the markets will only be allowed after the visitor's temperature has been checked. Masks are mandatory throughout the visit to the market.

  • Market merchants received instructions from the municipality to maintain hygiene rules- both by frequently disinfecting surfaces and by placing hand sanitizers in accessible places for use by the public.

  • Inspectors will tour the markets during all hours of operation and ensure that the procedures are maintained- both by the merchants and the visitors.

  • Due to the sensitive situation and strict adherence to the guidelines, eating will not be allowed in the market complexes.

As part of the city’s preparations: the entrances to the markets has been fenced off, stickers have been placed on the floor in order to insure social distancing, flyers have been distributed with instructions to merchants, and posters with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines were hung around the markets (pictures attached – credit: Courtesy of Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality). 

Markets in Tel Aviv- Yafo were hit hard by the Corona epidemic. As a result, the Tel Aviv- Yafo municipality took the lead and assisted the Ministry of Health in their plan to open and return the markets to full activity, and even promoted several initiatives to support markets, including:

  • Hatikva Market Deliveries- a unique venture organized by the Beit Dani Municipal Community Center, in which dozens of Hatikva Market merchants offer deliveries throughout the city.

  • Strengthen the independent businesses in the Carmel market- a venture to promote dozens of businesses and stalls in the Carmel Market through deliveries of vegetables and fruits, meat and fish.

  • Jaffa at home– the list of flea markets and businesses located on the Jerusalem Boulevard, which carry out deliveries, was published on the municipality’s website and was sent by e-mail to all of residents of the Digitel residents club and was posted on the municipal Facebook page.

 Throughout the Corona crisis, the Tel Aviv- Yafo Municipality, in collaboration with Colu, continued to operate the “Support the Jerusalem Boulevard businesses” project. The project continues, with minor changes, also in May.

Link to the Business page and the list of stores and booths from which you can order (in Hebrew):

This is being done in conjunction with other actions and easements initiated by the municipality in recent weeks to assist businesses in the city:

  • The municipality has been among the initiators of the three-month exemption from municipal taxes and has implemented this tax exemption at a cost of tens of millions of shekels.

  • The municipality decided to grant the exemption from property tax immediately, and not on the assumption that it will be spread over an entire year, understanding the plight of the business owners.

  • As soon as the crisis broke out, the municipality initiated a two-month postponement of the property tax.

  • The municipality has paid suppliers in advance, amounting to a sum of over half a billion NIS in total.

  • The municipality granted an exemption from the fees charged for placing tables and chairs and/or putting up a partition on the sidewalk; and also granted an exemption from the fee charged for a night time operating license for 4 months.

  • The municipality has set up an easy and simple online system to receive “purple badge” for tens of thousands of businesses.

  • The municipality maintains regular contact with the heads of organizations and groups representing economic activity and trade in the city.

  • Yesterday, the municipality presented an outline of their plan to allow restaurants to return to regular activity.

media contact
Margaux Stelman
Head of International Press

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality