NOVEMBER 1, 2020 - World Vegan Day Survey: Almost One-in-Ten Tel Aviv-Yafo Residents Are Vegan Or Vegetarian

The culinary scene of Tel Aviv-Yafo has become a leading and permanent fixture on the vegan map of the world.

NOVEMBER 1, 2020 - World Vegan Day Survey: Almost One-in-Ten Tel Aviv-Yafo Residents Are Vegan Or Vegetarian

Tel Aviv-Yafo, November 1 - Over 4% of Tel Aviv-Yafo residents define themselves as vegan, and a further 4.5% self-define as vegetarian, according to a new survey commissioned by Tel Aviv Global & Tourism ahead of World Vegan Day (November 1) and World Vegan Month.

​Home to approximately 450,000 residents, the representational sample carried out by Geocartography Knowledge Group reveals that nearly 40,000 Tel Avivians are either vegan or vegetarian. An additional 30,000 residents (6.6%) describe themselves as pescatarian.

​Tel Aviv-Yafo, recognized globally for its thriving and diverse culinary scene, is home to some 40 vegan, 44 vegetarian and 171 "veg-friendly" restaurants – according to Happy Cow. The city was named as one of BBC Good Food's "Destinations for Foodies in 2020" due to the city's status as a magnet for "lovers of plant-based food."

The new data also reveals that an impressive 37.4% of Tel Avivian meat-eaters have substantially (13.1%) or slightly (24.3%) reduced their meat consumption during the past 12 months.

A total of 31% of meat-eaters in the city plan to reduce their meat consumption during the coming year, and 2.2% hope to completely eliminate meat from their diet. Almost half (48.8%) of Tel Aviv-Yafo residents eat an entirely vegan meal at least twice a week, the survey found.

From fresh juice stands lining the non-stop city's boulevards to heaving hummus bars and Middle Eastern-inspired vegan gourmet dining, it is no surprise that the culinary scene of Tel Aviv-Yafo has also become a leading and permanent fixture on the vegan map of the world.

Tel Aviv-Yafo is also home to an innovative "new Israeli" cuisine that fuses together multiple culinary cultures, creating a foodie haven that draws visitors from across the globe. Testament to the popularity of this cuisine has been the rapid emergence of Tel Aviv-inspired restaurants and cafes worldwide in recent years.

The survey also reveals what lies behind Tel Aviv's large vegan population and reduced meat consumption among other residents. Two-thirds (66.5%) of respondents said health concerns drive their diet choices. Taste, animal welfare, economic factors and environmental protection were also key factors.

Eitan Ben-Ami, director of the Environment and Sustainability Authority at Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality: "The results of the survey demonstrate a positive and impressive trend of healthy eating among the residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo, primarily resulting from a shift towards a sustainable Mediterranean diet, as recommended by the World Health Organization.

"The diverse food scene here, including many vegan restaurants, makes Tel Aviv-Yafo an exciting culinary experience for residents and visitors alike. I am delighted to see that Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality's efforts to encourage sustainable and healthy eating are being reflected across the city, benefiting both residents and the environment."

Tel Aviv-Yafo is a leading partner in international efforts to promote plant-based, healthy and sustainable diets. In April 2019, the city was elected as Coordinator of the Steering Committee of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP), a partnership between more than 200 member cities.

Tel Aviv-Yafo is also a member of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, which sees promoting sustainable diets as an important factor in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The municipality's "Bon Appetit" program, established as a result of Tel Aviv-Yafo's membership in the MUFPP, works with municipal departments, non-governmental organizations and government ministries to promote food security, access to healthy food, sustainability education, food waste reduction and a healthy lifestyle among all residents.

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