APRIL 13, 2022 - Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality's project Women for Climate: an innovative pilot for shading in public spaces using solar energy

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and LumiWeave have installed an innovative, flexible and lightweight system in Atidim Park (Tel Aviv) that provides shade during the day and illuminates during the night, based on solar energy only. The system has been set up for a trial period, during which the company and the municipality will monitor its performance while passers-are able to enjoy shade during the day and lighting during the evening and nighttime.

APRIL 13, 2022 - Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality's project Women for Climate: an innovative pilot for shading in public spaces using solar energy

LumiWeave, initiated by Anai Green, is the winning project in the international technology competition of "Women for Climate" (Women4Climate Tech Challenge) launched by the C40 organization, of which the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is a member.
The project comes as a "green" solution, flexible and inexpensive for the purpose of shading and non-polluting lighting, in public spaces.
At the heart of the development, is an innovative sheet that combines energy harvesting and lighting. The sheet is lightweight and flexible and allows immediate installation anywhere without the need to connect to main power outlets. LumiWeave's system is an environmentally friendly system (0 emissions) that provides shading and lighting immediately after installation, without the need for electrical infrastructure and allows the customer to control the time and intensity of lighting (up to 300 lux). Due to its simple features, the system saves at least 50% of the installation costs of standard lighting infrastructure and 100% of the electricity costs. The system meets all safety standards, withstands all weather conditions and continues to provide lighting even after 3 days without sun.
The Lumiweave project is a unique project, as it combines addressing climate change and the growing challenge of shading in urban areas, with a technological solution that operates based on renewable and clean energy, and enables the supply of lighting that without the polluting fuels.
Following the win at the international competition, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is assisting and enabling the project to undergo a practical experiment, in collaboration with Atidim Park Tel Aviv and the Cityzone Innovation Laboratory, in which the experiment is currently being conducted. The venture is operated through LumiWeave and is overseen by designer and entrepreneur Anai Green, its founder, and Tal Perens, a serial high-tech entrepreneur.
The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is a member of the international city organization C40, a network of major cities in the world committed to urgent action to combat the climate crisis. Within this context, the municipality initiates many actions including the municipal climate plan, a municipal plan for climate change assessments and reducing greenhouse gas

emissions, a plan for massive tree planting, expansion of green areas, a program to remove polluting vehicles and ongoing educational efforts in schools and the public spaces regarding the consequences of climate change.
The purpose of the competition was to encourage and support gender diversity in innovation, technology and the environment. All the projects that participated in the competition were led or managed by women, and all of them offered innovative solutions to various urban challenges in the field of environment and sustainability such as smart transportation, urban agriculture, air quality, renewable energy, reducing plastic use and more. The projects have demonstrated measurable environmental impact and have the potential for replication and implementation in other cities around the world. In the international competition, in addition to Anai Green, entrepreneurs from California and Cambridge were crowned winners. All three women were selected due to the innovation and creativity of their projects and due to the project's contribution to the urban coping with climate change.

Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo: "Thinking about sustainability, green energy, and climate protection is part of the DNA of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. From the planning stages to the execution stages we think green, plan green, imagine green. We are one of the world's leading cities in climate protection and are active members of the C40 leadership organization, along with a network of leading cities around the world, working together to protect the climate. In this framework, we have undertaken real commitments to improve air quality and the transition to green energy. Those are not just words. We are committed to action. We are promoting urban plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including a massive tree-planting program; expansion of green spaces; removal of polluting vehicles; and ongoing educational efforts in schools and in the public sphere. Together with Atidim Park and Tel Aviv University, we established the Innovation Laboratory, CITYZONE, to promote entrepreneurs and initiatives that offer solutions to urban challenges and will serve as a live testing field for demonstrating innovative solutions. I believe that "LumiWeave" will turn out to be a groundbreaking project."
ABOUT CITYZONE . CityZone is Tel Aviv’s smart city and urban tech living lab, a collaboration between the Municipality, Tel Aviv University and Park Atidim, hosting startups, multinationals and policymakers, innovating in real-time, under real-city conditions. CityZone also partners with large corporates, who wish to get a peek into Israeli innovation in the smart city space. The lab includes a real-life testing site, as well as an innovation program for early stage startups, enjoying access to data as well as mentorship from the Municipality, lead researchers and private sector experts.
The world’s first embedded solar-power harvesting and illuminating fabric, is a completely Green, UnPlug and Play standalone flexible light-weight sheet that provides shade, illumination, and many other cool features. Based on its breakthrough fabric, LumiWeave offer set of outdoor solutions that provide daytime shading and nighttime illumination while eliminating both, fossil-fuel emissions and light pollution

Tel Aviv Global & Tourism is a municipal company under the Mayor's Office at the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. It facilitates the global quantum leap taken by the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo in creating economic and tourism growth.