Landmark decision: Tel Aviv-Yafo approves financial aid for women's organizations

* Deputy Mayor Chen Arieli: Tel Aviv-Yafo is the launching pad for dreams and battles for a better future. *

Photos courtesy of Barak Brinker/Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality:


Tel Aviv-Yafo, July 21 - In a landmark decision reached late Monday (July 20), Tel Aviv-Yafo City Council approved a resolution to grant financial support to women's organizations striving for gender equality.

A dedicated budget will be granted to women's organizations for the first time by Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, alongside existing municipal support provided to organizations including religious, sports, environmental and LGBTQ groups active in the city.

This is an important step at any time, but especially during the fallout of the coronavirus crisis when women worldwide are recognized as being disproportionately hurt. Accordingly, despite extensive cuts, the municipality has decided to strengthen its support for organizations at the forefront of fighting gender inequality.

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality stands together with women's organizations in Israel and represents a home from which groups work to advance the status of women in the public, legislative and social spheres. The city strives to be a beacon of values on various issues and to serve as a leader and pioneer, including on issues of equality.

Chen Arieli, Deputy Mayor for Social Services at Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality: "Tel Aviv-Yafo is making history by recognizing gender equality as one of the city's core values. Tel Aviv-Yafo is the home of social engagement, and the launching pad for dreams and battles for a better future.

"At this difficult time, we must continue to be the engine and infrastructure for this critical activity, which represents the forefront of the fight for gender equality in Israel, alongside providing lifesaving services for women."

The municipal initiative was led by Arieli together with Efrat Makin-Knafo, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality chief resilience officer, and Zippi Brand, deputy mayor and chairwoman of the municipality's committee for advancing the status of women.

Approved budgets will be allocated to women's organizations meeting two criteria determined by the municipality's support committee:

1) The organization must be either a registered charity or recognized as a non-profit organization for at least one year, operating to advance the status of women, reduce gender disparity in Israel and/or advance relevant policies on such issues.

2) At least 50% of the organization's activities or services occur within Tel Aviv-Yafo and/or have a direct and significant impact on women, or the quality of life of women, in the city.


The approval of the dedicated budget for women's organizations marks the latest of many initiatives launched by Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality to support women across the city. During the past year, Authority for Resilience and Social Equality commenced operations - a municipal body solely focusing on gender and social equality.

Photos courtesy of Barak Brinker/Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality:

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