Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and The Global Resilient Cities Network (GRCN) Present:

 An International Virtual Hackathon Addressing Coronavirus Related Challenges Faced by Cities around the World

On Sunday April 5th, individuals and teams around the globe will participate in a virtual hackathon that addresses new global challenges that have emerged since the worldwide spread of the coronavirus. The hackathon participants will suggest ideas and develop technological solutions for social and logistical problems such as, “how can the chances for business to overcome the crisis be evaluated?” and,“how can cities assist vulnerable populations during this crisis?”, and lastly, “how can public order and cleanliness be maintained while reducing the spread of the virus?”

The Hackathon is a collaboration between the Global Resilient Cities Network (GRCN), pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, a member of GRCN. Throughout the year, the municipality’s Resilience and Social Equality Authority advances a municipal resilience plan, which aims to reinforce municipal anchors, so that these anchors will enable the city to deal with difficult events and disasters in extreme case scenarios.


The hackathon will be judged by an esteemed panel of international judges including: Lina Liakou - Managing Director for Europe and the Middle East, for Global Resilient Cities Network pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, Eytan Schwartz – Director of Communications, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, Khouloud Ayuti – Co-COE, PersenTence, Piero Pelizzaro - Chief Resilience Officer and the City Lead for the H2020 Lighthouse project Sharing Cities at the Municipality of Milan, Liora Shechter – Chief Information Officer and Smart City Director, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, Sharon Blum Melamed - Director of welfare, Social Services & Public Health Administration, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality


BLEE Hackathons is providing this hackathon with both the virtual platform and their methodology for creating and leading hackathons for the public and private sectors.


Oracle Israel provides the Hackathon's participants with Cloud infrastructure and compute required to develop the solutions to the challenges.

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Lauren Sorkin, Acting Executive Director, Global Resilient Cities Network: “A Hackathon is a natural accelerator for resilience actions, it enables the open exchange of talent and knowledge, from city to city, to develop solutions for problems brought about and exacerbated by the outbreak. COVID 19 is the challenge of our time and we are excited to support our member cities to take part in this timely global effort.”


Liora Schechter, CIO, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality: “In these challenging times in which families spend their time at home, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is encouraging the city's residents and the international community to make a meaningful and empowering contribution during a period of uncertainty and address the most significant challenges we face: helping vulnerable populations, maintaining public order and helping businesses.”



Efrat Makin-Knafo, Chief Resilience Officer, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality: “Lately, communities and cities around the world are facing a common challenge; the best way to deal with these challenges is through solidarity and collaboration, together with the Global Resilience Cities Network.”


Tomer Weinstein, co-founder of BLEE Hackathons: “We are proud and excited to lead Tel Aviv-Yafo's first global virtual hackathon to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The hackathon will allow participants and mentors  around the globe to take an active role in solving municipal challenges related to the crisis.”

media contact
Margaux Stelman
Head of International Press

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality