Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality seeks public input to create gender-equal city

* "Tel Aviv-Yafo intends to carry the banner of gender equality." *


Tel Aviv-Yafo, September 16 - Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality's Resilience & Social Equality Authority is seeking the assistance of residents as it develops a major strategic plan for the advancement of gender equality in the city.


As part of the formation of the plan, the municipality has invited members of the public, employers, business owners and social action organizations to submit suggestions for initiatives and programs to advance gender equality in the public sphere.


The municipal call for proposals, open until October 30, may be found here:


The strategic plan for the advancement of gender equality will tackle issues affecting all aspects of daily life in the city, including in the public sphere, and will include: combating violence against women in public, private and the nightlife industry; advancing female leadership and women-led businesses and initiatives; boosting women's personal security in public; creating an inclusive public sphere for all residents; advancing gender equality education; and encouraging sports for women.


The development of the strategic plan joins a series of measures taken in recent months and years to adapt municipal work processes through a gender equality lens.


Ongoing and previous measures include: initiatives to combat gender violence in partnership with the municipality's Social Services Administration, Community Administration and Education Administration; ensuring equal gender representation on traffic signs and calling on the Transportation Ministry to add female figures to signs and traffic lights; providing financial aid to women's organizations operating in the city; increasing the accessibility of critical information for women on a dedicated website; and distributing food vouchers worth a total of NIS 250,000 ($73,000) to survivors of prostitution during the outbreak, donated by the Tel Aviv Foundation.


Zippi Brand Frank, Tel Aviv-Yafo Deputy Mayor and chairwoman of the municipality's Committee For Advancing The Status Of Women: "The coronavirus pandemic has deepened the gender, social and economic inequalities that preceded it. There are already major disparities between women and men in every aspect of life, and the current crisis has made them worse.

"The municipality recognizes the importance and urgency of advancing true gender equality in the city and, accordingly, we have immediately advanced a strategic plan to reduce disparities and to promote women in all walks of life. Tel Aviv-Yafo intends to carry the banner of gender equality as the leading city in Israel, possessing the ability to catalyze the implementation of similar programs, even at a national level in the future."


Efrat Makin-Knafo, Head of the Resilience & Social Equality Authority and mayoral advisor for gender equality: "I am proud to lead a unique strategic plan for advancing gender equality in the city, and the suggestions made by city residents will undoubtedly contribute to the development of the plan.


"Like other major cities in the world, here at Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality we also recognize the need for an organized and in-depth program focusing on all aspects of life and benefiting us all – men and women as one. This is derived from the vision that gender equality is a critical component in strengthening the socioeconomic resilience of the entire society."

The development of the city's strategic plan for the advancement of gender equality is being guided by the Israel Women's Network.

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