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Israel Nature and Parks Authority invites accredited Eurovision press to enjoy a free entrance and visit Israel's national parks, historical sites and nature reserves.

Free entrance to every site for accreditation holder + 1 additional person during May 2019. 

To redeem your free entrance, just show you host city benefits card at the entrance of the park.

Click here to explore the parks and sites in Greater Tel Aviv area and across Israel.

Welcome to the most interesting country in the world.

We invite you to come to the most important and beautiful locales in Israel: places with historic and religious significance and unique scenery, World Heritage Sites, nature and aquatic treasures, caves and more.

Choose your route and head out!


Five Must-Sees
Israel is blessed with a spectacular range of sites – from the rushing stream at the Hermon Nature Reserve, millennia of glorious history in Caesarea and Bet Shean national parks, to the oasis in En Gedi in the lowest spot on earth. These are just a few of our most finest and most popular visitor destinations.



Five sites that are less than an hour from Tel Aviv
World-famous sites await you just a jaunt away to the east, west, north or south. Discover the biblical and New Testament stories at Megiddo National Park, the magnificent tomb of King Herod at Herodium, the land of a thousand caves at Bet Guvrin, the romantic backdrop of Apollonia north of Herzliya, and Yarkon National Park, a green lung steeped in history in the heart of Israel’s most densely populated area. In less than an hour’s drive, all the exciting beauty of Israel awaits you.


Dead Sea and Jerusalem Itinerary
Take a day or two and head for the Dead Sea via Jerusalem. Visit the City of David, which symbolizes the beginning of Jerusalem’s sanctity, and then head down to Qumran National Park where the Dead Sea Scrolls were written, to Enot Tsukim, the lowest nature reserve in the world, and from there to the mountain that became a symbol – Masada National Park, towering above the Dead Sea.

World Heritage Sites

Israel is a unique meeting place of geography and history, the confluence of continents and of green landscapes and desert. The unparalleled saga of this country, from prehistoric times through the Bible and the conquest of empires down through the ages, have given it 13 World Heritage Sites, including singular scenery, fabulous gems of nature and magnificent sacred heritage. Take time to visit at least one of our World Heritage Sites.