Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality to Ban Single-Use Plastics in Kindergartens and Afternoon Childcare Facilities

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is embarking on a mission to reduce the overall usage of single-use plastics from the city’s educational institutions. By the end of 2019, the Municipality’s Education Administration will supply individual lunch kits, including reusable cutlery to 20,000 first to third grade pupils in afternoon childcare facilities. In addition, all children in municipal kindergartens will receive a multi-use container, enabling lunch dishes to be washed at home. The Municipality will also install dishwashers in all kindergartens where lunch is served.


In addition, the municipality-owned company responsible for managing school operations in the city, Yuval Education, has been instructed to assess existing contracts with suppliers and demand the delivery of hot food in stainless steel containers for the next academic year.          

Zippi Brand, Tel Aviv-Yafo Deputy Mayor: “Our children are responsible for the future of the world in which they will grow up. This is another step to harness the education system, children and city residents for environmental education, believing that children are agents of change to promote and encourage urban action, to promote sustainability, community and health values."


Shirley Rimon, Head of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Education Administration: "This reform joins a series of urban processes that promote sustainable thinking. In the urban education system, children learn about the environment and ecology and lead projects in the field

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Margaux Stelman
Head of International Press

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality