For exact times and schedule please consult your benefits card leaflets. 

To redeem your benefit, show up at the location and time of the tour, and show your Press Benefits Card to the tour guide. 


  • Neve Tzedek and the Old Train Station Compound
    We'll stroll through the quaint streets of the first Tel Aviv neighborhood built outside the walls of Old Jaffa, and learn where it all started from. We'll hear tales about the Chelouche, Rokach and Gutman families, including the great love stories that took place in the neighborhood. The tour also includes a visit at the city's first train station.

    Meeting point:  Rothschild 11


  • The Magic of Jaffa
    We'll stroll through the picturesque alleyways of Old Jaffa, passing by art galleries and studio spaces. We'll have a look at the lighthouse and recall some stories associated with the history of the oldest port city in the world. We'll cross the street for a guided glimpse of the Flea Market and become familiar with the special human fabric that comprises Jaffa.

    Meeting point: Jaffa clock tower


  • White City Tour
    This tour focuses on Bauhaus architecture along Tel Aviv's oldest avenue – Rothschild Boulevard. Hear stories about the houses that line the boulevard, the people who lived in them, and the efforts to preserve and restore the buildings. This special tour is for those who want to know a little more about the International Style, how historic buildings are preserved in an age of high rises, what the 'open drawers' are, who Patrick Geddes was, and how UNESCO is connected with all the festivities.

    Meeting point:  Rothschild 11

  • Independence Trail
    Self guided tour with tablet. the tablet is available at the Tourist Information Center on Rotschild 11. Show them your Press Benefits Card to receive your free tablet.

    Independence Trail is a new national heritage site that links ten landmarks and themes related to Independence Hall in Tel Aviv. The Trail starts at the city's first kiosk on the corner of Herzl Street and Rothschild Boulevard, passes by significant sites in the history of Tel Aviv and Israel, and recounts the story of one of the most formative periods in our national history: the four decades between the founding of Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city, in 1909 and the establishment of the Hebrew state in 1948. The one-kilometer Trail is made of a brass strip embedded in the ground, illuminated at night to make it easier to navigate. There are posts along the Trail that provide information about the various sites.

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