Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality to Provide Free Transportation on Shabbat During Eurovision

50 free shuttle busses will operate on Friday and Saturday May 17 -18 along two main routes in the city

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Sunday, April 14-The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality announced this morning that it will offer free transportation to and from the Eurovision Song Contest shows during the final weekend of the competition. 50 free shuttle busses will run on Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18 and will travel along two main routes in the city. The two shuttle lines will start at the Carmelit Terminal near the Eurovision Village and end at the Tel Aviv Expo; the blue line will ride along the coast and the green line will ride through the city center. Municipal staff and volunteers will be stationed at each of the designated shuttle stops along the route to assist tourists.  The information regarding the free shuttle services will be published in the city pocket guide that will be distributed to thousands of tourists during the Eurovision week and will also be available on the new Tel Aviv tourism website.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has been working hard to make sure that public transport will be accessible and convenient for tourists arriving to the city during Eurovision. As part of these efforts, the Municipality created a special plan in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation and transportation organizations in the city. The plan includes; a reinforcement of the existing busses and train lines which pass through touristic areas; the placement of informational signs in English on the 500 main bus stops in the city; the translation of the bus station names in English, on the screens inside the bus and on signs at the bus stations; the placement of a new public transportation map that will be distributed with the thousands of tourist pocket guides during the Eurovision weeks; the establishment of a 24/7 tourist information desk in the arrival hall at Ben Gurion International Airport in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Transportation; the establishment of a tourist information center at the Tel Aviv Savidor Central railway station; cooperating with companies that provide alternative means of transportation (bicycles, scooters, and shared taxis) to make sure that they reinforce their activity during Eurovision; recruiting hundreds of volunteers to assist tourists; the production of a pocket guide for tourists and a brand new website which will include all the info tourists might need regarding transportation and more.


Shuttle busses schedule:

  1. Friday, May 17, Final Rehearsal- pickup from 18:00 and return from 2:00.

  2. Saturday, May 18, Final Rehearsal (afternoon) - pickup from 11:00 and return from 18:15.

  3. Saturday, May 18, Final Show: pickup from 17:30 and return from 1:30.

Coastal route - Blue line – From Carmelit Terminal to Expo Tel Aviv 

1. Carmelit Terminal

2. Ben-Yehuda / Ben Gurion Boulevard

3. Ben-Yehuda / Dizengoff

4. Expo Tel Aviv

Coastal line - Blue line - from Expo Tel Aviv to Carmelit Terminal:

1. Ben-Yehuda / Yirmiyahu

2. Ben-Yehuda / Sderot Nordau

3. Ben -Yehuda/ Jabotinsky

4. Ben-Yehuda / Arlosoroff

5. Ben-Yehuda / Ben-Gurion Boulevard

6. Ben-Yehuda / Gordon

7. Ben-Yehuda / Frishman

8. Ben-Yehuda / Bograshov

9. Ben-Yehuda / Trumpeldor

10. Allenby / HaKovshim

11. HaKovshim/ Carmelit Terminal

12. Jaffa Clock Tower – upon request

Central Line – Green Line – from Carmelit Terminal to Expo Tel Aviv

1. Carmelit Terminal

2. Ibn Gabirol / Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

3. Ibn Gabirol / Milano Square

4. Expo Tel Aviv

Central Line – Green Line - from Expo Tel Aviv to Carmelit:

1. Ibn Gabirol / Pinkas

2. Ibn Gabirol / Arlosoroff

3. Ibn Gabirol / Tel Aviv- Yafo Municipality

4. Rabin Square / MalkheYisra’el

5. King George / Zamenhof

6. Jabotinsky House / King George

7. King George / Rashi

8. Allenby / Maze

9. Allenby / Montefiore

10. Shalom Tower / Montefiore

11. Carmelit Terminal

12. Jaffa Clock Tower – upon request

media contact
Margaux Stelman
Head of International Press

Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality